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Baiboly & Fihirana Protestanta

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free Baiboly & Fihirana Protestanta software download for all systems Baiboly, Fihirana, Mofon'aina and Mana isan'andro in Malagasy translation for Android +2.1 SEARCH, BROWSE AND SHARE Search by key words, by numbers... Do you have a little part of a verse you don't remember? Input some words inside the search engine and choose between outputs from the Bible and the Fihirana... Browse books, chapters and verses with a simple and intuitive interface. The page "Novakiana farany" lists your last readings. In the bible view, click one or more verses and begin to share : by sms texting, by mail, or by copy/paste process inside your favorite social network app. APP SIZE This app requires a little more than 10MB of internal memory space to correctly install on your device. Follow us on Facebook's and Twitter's Tags: baiboly sy fihirana android, baiboly sy fihirana protestanta, telecharger baiboly sy fihirana, baiboly protestanta, baiboly protestant.
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