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  • Cache Test
    Cache Test

    Rails plug-in that will allow developers to check their web apps' caching logic Cache Test is a free and open source Rails plug-in that will add assertions in test cases to check the caching logic of your web application.NOTE: Cache Test is licensed and provided under the terms of the MIT License. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Updated to work with Rails 2.1.1.

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  • Cache
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  • Cache
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  • Cache
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  • Cache View
    Cache View

    Cache View is a viewer for the Netscape, Mozilla ,Opera, and Internet Explorer cache. You can open the cached files for viewing, and copy or move them out of the cache. It will even reconstruct the names and directory paths of the files for you. It makes emptying your file caches easier than ever. Cache View shows the following information about the cache: URL, cached filename, file size, MIME type, last modified date, downloaded date, and expiry date. Supports all versions of Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Cache View runs on all versions of Windows.

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  • Virtual Cache
    Virtual Cache

    Virtual Cache is an easy-to-use application to assist you with your finance management. The program helps keep records about credit and debit cards and it can also analyze income and expenses.

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  • Cache Status
    Cache Status

    Easy cache status and management from status bar. This utility extension monitors your cache statistics for both memory and disk devices, pulling the numbers straight from the same place that 'about:cache' does. You can also clear your cache by right-clicking on the statusbar panel and selecting the right option. What's new in this version: Version 0.7.10 adds new Hebrew translation support.

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  • Passive Cache
    Passive Cache

    Passive Cache retrieves a stripped version of the cached Google page for a URL, as well as a listing of Wayback's archived pages for the URL. In essence, Passive Cache allows you to view a page, or site, without any active connections being made to that respective page or site. [b]Requirements:[/b] · Firefox: 1.0

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  • Home Cache
    Home Cache

    A family finance program for family chest accounting. It's simple and it isn't bound to official forms. Now it has a multiuser environment with password protection.

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  • Softick Cache
    Softick Cache

    All the desktop operating systems have a built-in cache for disk operations. This is a very important part of an operating system, because non-cached disk input/output operations sensitively slows down an overall performance. That's why Softick decided to bring this missing essential component to the Palm OS world. Softick Cache is an adaptive "disk" cache for flash cards used in Palm OS PDA and smartphones. Softick Cache increases the card access speed by replacing the slower SD/MMC card and SD host controller with faster dynamic memory.

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