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  • Developer:Geneffects
  • License:Shareware
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free MuSing software download for all systems MuSing is a lightweight and easy to use software application that allows you to produce high-quality rythms. This software suite uses the concept of evolution to grow families of beats. The MuSing software suite is essential for the experienced musician looking to break the aural mold, yet accessible even to hobbyists just learning to make beats. The MuSing interface is simple, effective, and intuitive. Almost all commands have keyboard shortcuts to facilitate rapid beat manipulation. ToolTip aids and a Help Section are also available to answer your questions. Each time you save a beat, it is organized in folders by session, so you can easily see which beats are related. NOTE: MuSing is compatible with any platform: you can run it on your PC, Mac, Linux box, or Solaris workstation! Main features:
  • Control over beat evolution
  • Customizable drum suite
  • Saves and reads all AIFF, AU and WAVE formats
  • Sync drum tempos with loops you already have
  • Revolutionary evolution engine
  • Outputs standard MIDI files
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